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  • Prequalification is required for M.E.P Subcontractors on ALL Public School Projects
  • DIR Registration Number REQUIRED on ALL Proposals
  • Please review SB 854 on the State of CA website. This is important information for Contractors and Subcontractors related to prevailing wage compliance on public works projects.
  • Any subcontractor bids greater than $500,000 must be prepared to provide 100% Payment and Performance Bonds.
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Skyblue Mesa Library / Classroom

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Project Type
New Construction
Saugus Union School District
Square Footage
Project Status
Project Valuation
$8.75 M
Prevailing Wage
Canyon Country, CA

Includes Construction of a new library / classroom building, including but not limited to: utilities to the new building, new restrooms, replacement of existing A/C paving and concrete throughout the site, shade structures, fencing, site work, coordination with shade structure and play equipment contractor, etc.

Prequalification Requirements: Pre-Qualification is required on this project for General Contractors and Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing subcontractors holding the following licenses (A, B, C-4, C-7, C-10, C-16, C-20, C-34, C-36, C-38, C-42, C-43 and C-46). If your license classification is required, and you are not on the prequalification list Saugus Union School District-Approved Contractors.pdf, you must submit a prequalification packet through Quality Bidders no later than Jan 18th. Visit: Facilities – Saugus Union School District ( to download the prequal package.


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