Competitive Advantages

Why Should You Choose AMG?

Experience of Management
The AMG & Associates™ management team has a combined 75 years of experience in the public works market. The management team has in-depth knowledge of every aspect of construction including management, bidding, estimating, interpretation of the Public Contract Code and Federal Acquisition Regulations, subcontractor relationships, field operations, project administration, construction management, buy-out process, and dispute resolution.

Reputation of Management
The AMG & Associates management team has an excellent reputation and is highly respected in the construction industry. The AMG & Associates management team is known for being honest, trustworthy, and they have the highest possible ethical standards that are applied to their business practices on a daily basis.

Focus on Private and Public Works
AMG & Associates focuses on both private and public works projects. The nature of these projects includes the need to understand how to work with various private owners on commercial projects and government agencies at both the state and federal level.

Low risk
The AMG & Associates team has never failed to deliver on one of its projects. AMG & Associates is constantly reviewing the approach to projects to reduce risk to the project team as a whole.

Personal Management
The principals pride themselves on their ability to maintain direct hands-on management of each and every project. A principal of the firm will be assigned to each project and will visit the site on a weekly basis.

Bonding of major sub-contracted scopes of work

Substantial and positive sub-contractor relationships

A strong record of claims avoidance and positive dispute resolution