Fire Station 34 – Thousand Oaks

Bid Number
County of Ventura
Bids Due
12/14/2021 @ 2:00PM
David Silva
Project Type
New Construction
Square Footage
See below.
Project Status
Project Valuation
Prevailing Wage
Thousand Oaks, CA

Scope of Work

Construction of a 9,318 square-foot, single story fire station and a 2,000 square-foot accessory building (garage) with associated improvements on a 1.9 acre vacant site for the County of Ventura. Work includes but is not limited to the following: onsite improvements, new fire station building, exercise building, ancillary building, masonry site walls, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection and alarm, vehicle exhaust system, communications and electrical systems, vehicle fueling, and emergency generator.

Prequalification Requirements:  Pre-Qualification is not required for this project

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